the Azores

I recently travelled to the Azores, an archipelago off of Portugal.  The Azores is a series of volcanic islands that are actually part of Portugal.  And wow, what a place it was!  I went there by myself to join a lot of other creatives to learn, photograph, network and pretty much explore this part of the world with a bunch of artists with cameras!  I love being able to practice my skills with new people, and create something different at every corner.  I met Jamie and Jesse there, and they offered to get up at dawn for a couples session, so myself and another few souls surviving off of little to no sleep went back out to the jagged volcanic shores to photograph them.  I can only dream to explore here again, it was an incredible experience and I’m so thankful to these two adventurers for coming out to play that morning.  I made so many great new friends and hope I can repay them with some PNW hospitality one day! 

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  • anni graham

    on December 10, 2017  12:13 pm

    Wow, this is so beautiful! Such a unique and amazing spot, I'm sure they will treasure these for forever! Love the spontaneity xo

  • Justyna

    on December 11, 2017  2:24 pm

    sunset there looks so epic - you captured this session beautifully!