I’ve always loved pouring over family albums.  Those ones that had the little stickers to hold the photos on.  All photos were black and white.  Most of the people I didn’t know, but it sparked my curiosity and would ask and got wonderful stories about my family and their history.  I love my grandparents love story, of how they came from Denmark and left back to Denmark  during the depression, only to get caught in the war.  My other side were teachers from England and then Edmonton.  And I discovered my great grandfather was an artist and a photographer as well!  I can see the resemblance of my relatives long passed in my children, what they wore, the love for each other.  So many stories can be told through photography without ever speaking a word.  As the years go by it can be challenging to remember all the little details of your life as it is today.  We think we will remember, but in fact its the photographs that can bring you back in an instant.  They will take you back to that time and help you relive the love and emotions at that moment.  This is why I fell in love with photography.  My promise for your special day or moment is to capture all of the love and happiness in detail, that way when you look back on your photographs, you can feel the same joy and love all over again.



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